We make good things happen

We want:

Inspire people and businesses.
Promote personal relationships as a group, beyond individualities.
Facilitate decision making, commitments and actions.
Introduce the concept "Slow" as a philosophy of life and company.

We have created:

An innovative space where companies relate to each other in a different way.
A comfortable, functional and efficient environment.
A special space which facilitates communication, thinking in an enjoyable enviorment.
A place to dream, research and create.

Margarete Values:



We believe in quality relationships and we help building them in a very special meeting environment.



We have energy and we want each Margarete experience to be something different, with it’s own soul and life within a professional and authentic enviorment.



We live open to the innovation of formats, finding exclusive solutions for ou rcustomers and suppliers.



We are responsable for our actions over others and on the planet. We believe in the philosophy of the Slow movement and enjoy being and example.


Discovering, Imagining, Awakening, Breaking, Innovating, Opening, Growing, Renewing, Prosperating, Creating, Thinking, Inventing, Listening, Talking, Generating ...